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1.- Contact our Sales Staff:

Reach out to our sales staff during regular working hours, Monday through Friday, to place an order for our handcrafted products or ask any questions.

2.- Lead Times:

Our products are made to order, with typical lead times of 6 to 12 weeks. Each piece is crafted with care and attention to detail.


3.- Rush Assistance on WhatsApp:

For urgent inquiries or rush assistance, contact us on WhatsApp at +14699012935 during our active hours.


4.- Personalized Service:

Our dedicated sales staff will guide you through the ordering process, help you choose the right product, and provide updates on your order's progress.

4bis.- Personalized Service with Interior Design Consultation:

Should you need assistance of a proffesional Interior Designer, or in-house team will be happy to help you thru your furniture selection process. We can start from mood-board orientation to blue-print layout placements, rendering, etc...

5.- Confirm Your Order:

Once you've finalized your order and received all necessary information, our sales staff will guide you through the order confirmation process. Double-check all details for accuracy.


6.- Payment:

We accept various payment methods, which will be discussed during the order confirmation process. Full or partial payment may be required based on your order.


7.- Order Tracking:

Our team will keep you informed about your order's progress throughout the production process, including estimated completion and delivery dates.


8.- Delivery:

Once your order is complete, our sales staff will coordinate shipping or delivery to your specified address.

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