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furniture tradition WITH A MODERN-TAKE

POLaRT Designs is a Mexican company that skillfully blends classic and contemporary aesthetics, creating timeless and iconic furniture. Our vision is to present furniture in a vibrant and relevant manner, crafted with traditional artisan techniques, premium materials, and innovative approaches.


We redefine furniture production with a distinctive blend of innovation and craftsmanship. We have mastered the art of mold-injection techniques, granting us the unique capability to curate items perfectly tailored for indoor or outdoor environments.

Our production process unfolds in two stages, all under one roof. In the initial phase, precision meets technology as we inject life into the frame itself, ensuring durability and precision in every piece. The second stage sees the transformation of the injected frames into true works of art. Our skilled artisans lend their expert touch, meticulously refining and finishing each piece to perfection. This hands-on approach imbues our furniture with a timeless charm that seamlessly merges tradition with innovation.

It's crucial to highlight that POLaRT's journey began within the nurturing walls of PolRey Furniture, a renowned hub for crafting timeless traditional furniture. What started as a project has blossomed into a distinct entity that continues to honor its roots.

For those curious about PolRey's legacy or eager to explore the factory that laid the foundation, we invite you to learn more. Click on either of the following URLs for an immersive experience into the world where it all began:

 Learn More About PolRey > or < Explore Our Factory's Heritage >

At POLaRT, we're not just crafting furniture; we're weaving a tale of evolution and tradition, and we welcome you to be part of this enchanting narrative.

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