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POLaRT Frames and Vinyl upholstery can be cleaned in the same way as leather or with a commercial cleaner developed especially for cleaning vinyl. The best way to clean vinyl upholstery is with baking soda on a cloth, followed by a light washing with dishwashing liquid. Never use oil; it will harden the upholstery. Staining and soiling exposures are common to upholstery fabrics; most stain and soiling may be removed by using the simple cleaning methods that follow:

Frame cleaning can be done with water, mild dish detergent or car wash soap, and a terry cloth or microfiber towel. As the frames are of polyurethane (plastic) they only require light cleaning and little to non maintenance. For Gloss finishes, to restore gloss and buff out light scuffmarks use car wax: apply, buff, and wipe clean with microfiber towel.

A solution of 10% liquid dish soap with warm water applied with a soft damp cloth will remove most soiling.
If necessary, a solution of liquid cleanser and water applied with a soft bristle brush. Wipe away the residue with a water-dampened cloth.

NOTE: To restore luster, a light coat of spray furniture wax can be used. Apply for 30 seconds and follow with a light buffing using a clean white cloth.


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