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Crafting POLaRT: incorporating artistry in polyurethane furniture

Actualizado: 22 sept 2023

Production: the handcrafted soul of our pieces.

POLaRT's workshops integrate the talent of more than one hundred and twenty artisans and four decades of experience manufacturing polyurethane furniture, with a unique aesthetic thread that is proof against passing fashions.

A decade ago we reinvented our designs to satisfy the demand of an elite public that valued the richness of baroque and classic design, but also original and unconventional forms, as well as the functionality and sustainability of new materials and manufacturing processes. We balance injection molding technology with fine hand detailing, so that each piece is a visual delight and a reflection of our love of things well made.

Materials: Beautiful and resistant exterior, indestructible soul.

Our creations have an internal tubular steel structure that gives them lightness and unbeatable mechanical resistance. The body of the furniture is made of injected polymer, which allows the most capricious curves to acquire a perfect smoothness and homogeneity in the mold. Unlike traditional baroque furniture, POLaRT furniture does not require the exploitation of hardwoods and semi-precious woods that can take over a hundred years to renew, while maintaining the robust and reliable aesthetics that define it. Our carbon footprint is minimal and we take care that every step of the process is conscious and respectful of nature.

Inspiration for indoors, outdoors and more.

Our designers conceive and shape each piece of furniture in the POLaRT family with an aesthetic commitment that goes far beyond practicality and mass production. That's why our catalog is made up of carefully selected models that have undergone the most rigorous testing. We prefer quality over quantity.

However, another of our guiding values is customization. We know that every customer and every project is unique, so our furniture can not only be customized in more than four hundred different color and material combinations, but also has indoor, outdoor and plastic versions with high resistance and visual impact, ideal for commercial interior design projects.

Interior items offer classic deep tufting, capitonné, hand-applied upholstery tracks and a gloss or matte finish. Outdoor variants include smooth upholstered backs, Dry Fast foam cushions and an additional sealing layer making them weather resistant to withstand the harshest climates. Each outdoor unit comes with a cover for added protection. Like POLaRT outdoor furniture, the Plastic collection is a playful version made entirely from a solid block of polymer.

Colors, the fun part where you have the last word.

Acquiring POLaRT furniture is a whole design experience where you have the last word. Imagine the color combination you need to give the perfect contrast to your space. We have twenty finishes available that can be combined in twenty striking tones, and if you are not sure exactly how it will look in your space, we will make sure you can visualize it with a professional quality render, because we know that you are acquiring an element that will be with you for many years to come.

POLaRT is attracting attention in iconic hotels and restaurants around the world, such as the Hard Rock Hotel in Panama, the Mundo restaurant in Las Vegas, the Sandals hotel in Barbados, Formula 1's Jack Monaco and Sweet Pete's Candy in Jacksonville, Florida, among others.

Did you know any of these design studios? Which combination did you find the most aesthetically pleasing? Tell us in the comments!

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