1. There’s a minimum to order?
There’s no minimum! We can send you as few or as many items you want…

  1. How can I repair the polyurethane frames?

Items are made of polyurethane, which is a mix of polymer and resin. You can repair the furniture in the same form you would wood.  Check out our youtube video:/www.polartdesigns.com/repairManual.html

  1. If a client requests a special design, can you produce?

For contract projects of 100 or more items we can produce special one off developments.  Mold Fees and other charges apply, ask a sales consultant for details: [email protected]

  1. Are all POLaRT products are for indoor and outdoor as well?

       We offer products for indoor and outdoor both. But it’s important for us to know if you
       need them for indoor or outdoor, as each version is produced differently.   
  1. What is the Warranty on POLaRT ?

       We offer a 10-year structural warranty on the frames only.  Abuse and wear and tear is not covered.  Warranty details are provided with each order.
  1. What are your payment conditions?

To confirm an order we only require 50% payment with the balance due a week before delivery.
  1. What are my payment options?

You can pay by visa/mastercard or bank transfer.
  1. What is the lead- time for receiving my order?

Lead-time is 6-8 weeks from the moment the order is placed to delivery.
  1. Does POLART have a delivery service?

We can deliver to commercial addresses with a loading dock within our coverage area in the USA.  Otherwise 3rd party transport is quoted.  For international deliveries we typically ship by container.  All items delivered within our US coverage area are transported with blanket wrap service. 
  1. Am I going to know when my order will arrive?

       Yes, you will be notified of your order shipping a week before it ships.  Operators call a day in advance to set up delivery.

  1. Freight charge

Freight is included on your invoice at 15% of the total order.  On minimum orders, below 2,000 USD, a 300 USD minimum freight fee is charged.
  1. How are Items Packaged ?

Items are packaged in foam padding, legs are padded in cardboard, and finally they are wrapped in plastic.   Boxing and crating for overseas exportation can be provided at an extra charge.
  1. Will I receive all the items on my order at the same time?

Yes, we send all the items of your order in one delivery unless client requests otherwise.
  1. Do you keep stock?

       We don’t keep a stock of items. We produce items as orders are confirmed as all of our furniture features customizable frame and finish colors.


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